Pop Chorus: great for well-being – and loads of fun!

Singing in a choir is good for your health, its official.

Multiple studies have emphasised the social benefits of joining a choir, but a recently study by the University of Oxford has also highlighted singing’s ability to improve breathing, posture and muscle tension. The study reported how listening to and participating in music has been shown to be effective in pain relief too - probably due to the release of endorphins - and there’s also evidence to suggest that music can play a role in sustaining a healthy immune system, by reducing stress hormones and boosting antibodies.
It is estimated that an incredible 2.8m Britons are now members of a choir. The recent revolution in attitudes towards joining choirs was spurred on, in the Midlands, by the creation of groups like Pop Chorus - who are bringing their irrepressible brand of musical fun to the Being Well Festival.
Formed in 2013, by choir director Anya Small, Pop Chorus started with just 15 members. Now there are over 300 adult singers across the choir’s Solihull and Warwickshire groups, as well as thriving junior choirs too. Meeting weekly, during term time, the choir offers enthusiastic singers valuable time out from their busy lives in a lively up-beat atmosphere - learning new vocal skills, developing self-confidence and providing members with a new dimension to their social life. There is a huge sensation of triumph when the group nails a new song and a rush of adrenaline for those who want to join in the choir’s regular concerts at venues such as Town Hall Birmingham and Warwick Arts Centre. There’s no audition, no sheet music and teaching methods make singing in harmony easy and enjoyable!
You don’t need to tell the members of Pop Chorus about the benefits of singing – it’s there in their faces as they discover the joy and friendship that comes with singing in harmony. Find out about the health and wellbeing benefits that Pop Chorus member Bill experienced, following serious illness, in this short video: https://bit.ly/2obyqG3